Videos by Ken Robinson of Financial Self-confidence.

You can see different presentation styles here. I most frequently follow the style the last video shows. At the meeting planner's discretion, we can be more creative. I find my audiences learn better and retain more when we provide more opportunities for laughter and non-traditional learning.

"The glorious world of online video just got better.", March 29, 2010, "The Economy Rap"

"A great educational financial rap video for investors.", April 16, 2010, "The Economy Rap"

"[One of the] videos we've seen advisors tweet about in the past year.", February 25, 2011,
"Best Short Film Or Animation With a Financial Advisor
In A Starring, Supporting Role Or Otherwise Implied."

More than 5,000 views!

Not great for a rap, but AWESOME for a self-produced stock market commentary!

(And, we believe, a world record for self-produced stock market commentary set to rap music. That's a Grammy category, right?)

Music video:  This is the studio version of It Won't Go to Zero. I wrote this to explain that, whatever the cause or severity of a down market, a recovery is inevitable. Instead of a talking-head lecture, a non-traditional approach is often called for, especially given the depth of the anxiety that accompanies recessions.

If you can't see the video below, you can see it on YouTube.


In performance: This music video was recorded live at the client appreciation dinner for Partnership Financial. The same piece has been performed in convention and education settings as well. More of this type of content can be developed to the client's specifications.

Using music and accurate, high-content lyrics, this supplements the high-content core of the presentation Why the Sky is Not Falling: Financial Calm in a Time of Crisis. While the bulk of the presentation is much more conservative in presentation style (see the Don't Make a Budget segment on this page), this it what the people attending your meeting will be talking about in the hall afterward.

(In case you're wondering, no, I hadn't partaken of the bottles in the background when I recorded this—it just happened to be during a cash-bar event.)

If you can't see the video below, you can see it on YouTube.

This video, an excerpt from Don't Make a Budget: Why it's So Hard to Save Money and What to Do About It, was recorded at the Professional Speakers Showcase presented by the National Speakers Association Ohio Chapter. This is my usual speaking style. I find audiences retain more when the experience a mix of serious content and relevant, high-content humor.

If you can't see the video below, you can see it on YouTube.